Happy New Year from Mrs. Vino

Wow, I cannot believe that 2012 is already here.  I SWEAR it was April last week.  At the turn of the year, I wanted to take a few minutes to express my thanks to all our friends, fans and wine family members.

Since I turned 30, every year has gotten more “interesting.”  Some were bad years (the year I lost my mom).  Some were good years (my first gold medal as a winemaker).  But every year had interesting and important lessons to teach me.

In 2011, I found my confidence as a wine maker and learned to trust my palate.  It was the year I learned to take constructive criticism without becoming defensive (still a work in progress, but much better).  2011 taught me to listen to David when he said we could “amp it up a notch” (or as I call it, “turn it up to 11”).  Thanks for the double gold medal, David, I love you. In all, 2011 was a year of exceptional growth, joy, frustration and life lessons learned (Mother Nature is still the boss of me).

Starting any small business is always a struggle.  In 2011, I believe that Morovino turned the corner and that we are poised for great things.  And none of that could have happened without you.  Please remember that if you live in wine country – ANY wine country – support your small, family owned wineries and be rewarded with excellent wines and great relationships.

As I look back on the past 5 years with Morovino (gosh, I cannot believe it’s been that long), I am humbled by the number of new friends Morovino has brought us.  I wish you lasting peace and unlimited prosperity in the new year.  And most of all – great vino!


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