Tesoro Sundae

Gotta love a super easy, flashy party dessert.

Gotta love a super easy, flashy party dessert.

While Mrs. Vino loves to cook, she is not a baker!  You see baking has rules, my dears, and I quite simply don’t like that.  So it’s important to have a flashy, go-to party dessert that doesn’t necessarily involve baking!  And here you go.

Tesoro “Sundae”

4 Martini Glasses
4 Brownie Bites (from Costco – cuz they fit in a martini glass perfectly and they are a bit stale so they absorb all the Tesoro-y, ice cream-y goodness)
4 Quenelles (small scoops) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
8 T. Tesoro

Start with a martini glass – because everything is prettier in a martini glass. Put a brownie bite (I get mine from Costco) in the bottom of each martini glass. Put a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream on top of the brownie bite. Drizzle 2T of Tesoro (more, less, whatever you want) over the ice cream. The dessert wine will melt over the top of the ice cream, down through the brownie bite and end up pooled in the bottom of the martini glass like a crumbly, creamy shot. Top it with whipped cream, if you dare.

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