Truffled Pasta with Soft Boiled Egg

Truffled Pasta
Serve with 2013 Barbera

No, I’m not referring to the chocolate dessert truffles (although they are amazing). Yes, yes. Mrs. Vino knows that truffle oil is expensive. But it’s a great way to add flashy decadence to a dish. And if there is anything Mrs. Vino loves it’s a dish that flashy/easy/delicious. In fact, if Mrs. Vino were to get her own television show on a cooking channel – that’s what she’d call it:
FLASHY/EASY/DELICIOUS! Until you can find F/E/D on your local channel, here’s a great recipe:

1/2 lb of the pasta of your choice – I like Fettucine with this
1/4 c. good olive oil
2t Black Truffle Oil*
1/4 c parmesan cheese
2 farm fresh eggs
1 dried morel mushroom
Salt & Pepper to tastesteamer basket

This recipe is ALL ABOUT THE EGG!  So first, get your water boiling and your pasta started – according to package directions.  The perfect soft boiled egg isn’t really boiled, it’s steamed (ditto the perfect
hard boiled egg).  So put about 1″ of water in the bottom of a small saucepan.  Insert a steamer basket (this is a $4 tool that is indispensible in your kitchen – you can get them at most grocery stores in the
kitchen tool aisle). Its the little strainer that folds up to fit in
different sized pots.

Put the steamer basket in the pot with the boiling water.  There’s a bit of multi tasking with this recipe – when in doubt spend time on the egg – the pasta can be drained and sit a bit.  When you have about 2 minutes left on your pasta, place 2 eggs in the steamer basket (remember, the pot already has the water boiling in it) and cover the pot. You are going to let the eggs steam for EXACTLY 6 minutes (TIP: steam them for 15 minutes if you are doing hard boiled eggs). While eggs are steaming, drain the pasta, toss with the olive oil, truffle oil, salt and pepper and set aside.  When the eggs have reached the 6 minute mark, pull the pot off the heat, take off the lid and run cold water in the pot to stop the cooking. When the eggs have 20150806_195054cooled a tiny bit and can be handled, crack the large end of the shell (where the air bubble usually lives) and CAREFULLY peel them under warm running water. Your goal here is a whole egg with no shell.  Set aside on paper towels for a moment.  Plate the pasta. Top it with the cheese, split the eggs in half and quickly place two egg halves on top of each pile of pasta – the yolk should still be  a bit runny.  Grab the dried morel and your microplane grater (a microplane is a kitchen MUST HAVE). Grate the mushroom over the pasta and egg – voila, Mushroom Dust.  And you are done.  There’s a reason that there is a hashtag called #eggporn.

*Black truffle oil is a bit stronger and earthier than white truffle oil.  Start with 2 t, but feel free to add more if you desire.  Also, please check the ingredient list on your truffle oil. If it says “Truffle Essence” or “Truffle Flavor” you don’t want it. Truffle Oil can also be drizzled on steamed veggies, on air-popped popcorn (oh yeah, that’s a good one), or in your morning scrambled eggs.

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