The Purple Pirate

Tesoro VI(aaarrggghhhh, Matey)

Even though the weather is warming up, I still love me some Tesoro chocolate, raspberry dessert wine.  But it can be a little challenging to sip on it straight – when it’s 100 degrees with 89% humidity outside.  Enter the Purple Pirate!  This is not really a recipe – more like assembly instructions!

Start with a large wine goblet.
Add 2 T (or more if you like) of Tesoro.
Fill the wine goblet 2/3 of the way full with cream soda.  If you like foamy beverages, pour the cream soda directly on top of the ice cream for a large glass of purple chocolate raspberry ice cream foam.  If you prefer your “floats” with more liquid, pour against the side of the glass to keep foam to a minimum.

How simple is that.  Try it, it’s my favorite thing – flashy and delicious!

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